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Solar4America, American Made, American Built

American Made MattersSolar4America is about energy independence and a cleaner future. PetersenDean is delivering the most affordable solar power, using American products and American workers. At PetersenDean we work hard every day to make solar ownership possible for homeowners. We believe in the Power of Ownership for our customers and make sure that we put prices right on the Website.

Solar4America is proof to homeowners across the country that solar ownership is affordable. PetersenDean’s philosophy is to offer consumers straight forward pricing, clearly stated on our website. We want consumers to be able to make an informed decision about a solar investment using real numbers. No “accounting tricks” or “financial magic”.

Own Solar Power, Keep The Savings

Solar Leases and Power Purchase Agreements are common solar financing options. But try to find an actual price when you see a $0 down solar quote. We are focused on providing the best price for our customers to own solar and all the savings. Take advantage of flexible $0 down payment options that allow you to keep your tax credits. Don’t give up that 30% tax credit to Wall Street. Keep your tax credits and generate the best return on your solar investment. Contact PetersenDean for a free price estimate and see that we have the most affordable solar power on the market.

Compare the cost per watt of PetersenDean PowerSaver Series against what you pay to the electric company.

Solar Installation Comparison Cost Per Watt

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