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Commercial Solar Roofing Solutions for Businesses and Government

Business and Government entities that decide to install solar need an experienced partner that understands the technical side of solar power as well as the financial side. PetersenDean brings that expertise to the table with the added value that we are a licensed roofer.

PetersenDean has partnered with businesses and government agencies of all sizes providing full turn-key solar power design and installation services to meet the individual engineering and savings goals of our clients. Over the last 30 years PetersenDean has installed large scale solar roofing projects for almost every major sector including utility, hotels, government agencies, retail, education and military sectors.

More than full solar capabilities, our clients come to PetersenDean as one source to handle roofing and solar installations. A functioning roof is a necessity for every building, but our clients often use the roofing project as an opportunity to discuss solar options. Working with PetersenDean provides a convenient integrated approach to solar roofing. Our clients benefit from efficiency and time savings during installation and cost savings by working with a single contractor, reducing project management and overhead cost to design and install a roof and solar power systems simultaneously.

Solar Assessment & System Design

The solar assessment phase is a feasibility review of our client’s facilities and solar potential. During the assessment and design phase PetersenDean works with our clients to review the proposed site and buildings, energy usage history, rate structures and solar resources at that location to design a solar PV system appropriate for the site. From that point, a solar production and financial model can be prepared describing the solar power investment, solar system performance, utility cost-savings estimates and ROI unique to each client. The commercial solar assessment and design are consultative and require input from our clients to arrive at the best solution for their enterprise.

Financial Review

The decision a business or governmental entity may make regarding a solar power installation often has an environmental component, yet our clients also want to know the bottom line on investing in solar compared to other investments. The PetersenDean commercial solar team works with our clients to understand their current energy footprint and electricity costs, and assesses their goals for solar. With that feedback we can model a solar financial package factoring in system size and requirements balanced against available solar rebates, tax credits, depreciation tax benefits, and other factors.

Savings Analysis

PetersenDean understands that the fundamental benefit for a business or government agency to convert to solar power is savings. The PetersenDean commercial solar team reviews our clients’ utility and electricity costs as well as site feasibility for solar. We perform and energy audit for our customers to understand their electricity usage, rate structures, and usage patterns to determine and the amount of solar production needed to provide the desired electricity off-set and solar savings model for the particular location. Space can be a factor, and PetersenDean has installed solar arrays on carports and ground mounted systems as well as rooftops.

Commercial Solar Rebates and Incentives

Tax and other incentives are important elements in a commercial solar financial analysis. PetersenDean knows the incentives landscape very well, and we incorporate all applicable rebates and quantifiable incentives into our solar analysis. Our team also administers the rebate reservation, claim and system interconnection processes for our clients with their utility company. These processes, and the availability of solar rebate incentives vary by location, utility, and other factors, and our experienced team is well-versed in this area.

Engineering and Construction

Once the project assessment and feasibility is complete and a contract is agreed upon, PetersenDean completes work on engineering and permitting the solar project. Our project managers coordinate our schedule of activities with the customer’s staff and within our company to ensure on-time delivery of product and seamless installation of the solar system by PetersenDean personnel in a timely and efficient manner.

Contact Us

If you have a solar power RFP, or would like an assessment for an upcoming commercial solar project, PetersenDean’s Commercial Construction Division can assist you. Contact PetersenDean at 1-800-564-0362 or submit your information and details about your project using the Commercial Solar Inquiry Form.

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