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Central Valley’s Roofing Experts

PetersenDean has provided residential roofing services to the Central Valley customers for over 20 years. Fresno and Central Valley communities continue to grow and PetersenDean continues to grow to meet the rising demand for experienced roofing contractors. We recently expanded into a new Madera operations facility, giving our team a central hub and more warehouse space to service the entire Central Valley. Our Madera team provides roofing installation services for all roof types and home sizes. Plus PetersenDean offers all our customers integrated roofing and solar power construction services to build the new roof to protect your home and help our customers start saving with a high qualify solar power system.

Solar Pays In The Central Valley

Over the years, PetersenDean has helped thousands of homes and business save with solar power. The Central Valley’s electricity rates are already the highest in the nation, then in hot Central Valley summers, bills jump significantly due to increased air conditioning use. But the good news is that long sunny summer days provide ideal perfect condition for solar power. A home solar power system produces energy during the day is when the air conditioning is cranking. The sun powers your home and cools it down, not the electricity grid. Homeowners get the maximum benefit of solar power when electricity rates are highest, so the potential for solar savings is significant.

Homeowners feel the squeeze of rising electricity bills, and PetersenDean provides solar installation services to control electricity costs and save money with solar. As solar power continues gaining popularity as an alternative to high electricity rates, PetersenDean continues to grow our solar installation capacity. Our expanded roofing and solar installation facilities in Madera will accommodate increased demand for Central Valley roofing and solar needs. PetersenDean makes residential solar power is affordable with the Power Saver Series. The PowerSaver are pre-designed solar packages, ready to install. They have a fixed price and savings calculations for typical Central Valley homes. What you see is what you get and we have financing to go solar for $0 down or even finance a new roof and solar electric system for zero out of pocket.

Central Valley Roofing and Solar Solutions

PetersenDean mission is to design and build world class Central Valley roofing and solar solutions. If it is time for a new roof, PetersenDean can provide you with a free roofing estimate for any size or type roof. Plus we provide a additional solar power analysis for homes and businesses to compliment your roof and show you how solar can save you money. We are the only major solar contractor that also a licensed roofer. Central Valley homes and businesses benefit by hiring a trusted contractor with 30 years of roofing and solar installation experience. there are a lot of new solar companies advertising, but experience counts in construction. PetersenDean customers recieve a one-stop-shop for their roofing and solar needs with the peace of mind that their contractor has 30 years in business and the only roofing and solar warranty in the industry.

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